SparkCognition Delivers Visual AI Capabilities Across Industries With Acquisition of Integration Wizards

Catalyzing growth with artificial intelligence.

Our Unique Approach

We build AI solutions that unearth the insights living within our customers’ data. We’re constantly innovating to create exponential technologies that allow our clients to optimize operations, predict future events, protect their assets, and accelerate their growth. While others speculate and chase hype, we’re motivated by what’s proven, scalable, and impactful. With deep expertise across critical industries, we’re working together with our clients to help solve problems, big and small, that matter most to them.

Water doesn't grow on trees, so we conserve it in plants.

Working closely with a global beverage manufacturer, we created and implemented AI systems that quickly address water waste and stop leaks, reducing plant-wide consumption to conserve our planet’s most precious resource.

You can’t prevent a disaster if you can’t predict it.

Partnering with high-production offshore platform operators, we’ve created AI systems that accurately predict impending asset failures and stop catastrophic disasters before they happen, saving lives, protecting the environment, and improving production.

Decreasing production downtime ahead of time.

A major power generation company wanted to identify and prevent suboptimal operations. Our AI solution detected an anomaly that enabled critical event detection a month in advance, avoiding catastrophic failure and costly repairs.

Renewable Energy





Financial Services

Oil & Gas


Power Generation

Renewable energy operators face many challenges in managing their operations and assets. SparkCognition's AI solutions increase energy production, minimize O&M costs, and improve operational efficiency--boosting profits and leading to a better, smarter, and more sustainable world.

Unexpected asset failures and the high cost of maintenance prevent crews from getting their aircraft up in the sky. SparkCognition’s AI solutions anticipate mechanical asset breakdowns in advance so crew members can keep aircraft off the ground.

Plant operators must be able to address manufacturing inefficiencies, increase safety, and reduce waste and operational costs to stay competitive. SparkCognition’s AI solutions empower manufacturing companies to curb downtime, improve quality control, and gain greater visibility into operations.

Increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks pose a significant threat to organizations. SparkCognition’s AI-powered cybersecurity solution protects information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments against 99.9% of never-before-seen attacks.

SparkCognition Government Systems (“SGS”), a wholly owned subsidiary of SparkCognition, is the world’s first full-spectrum AI company devoted entirely to government and national defense. Learn more about how SGS meets the needs of the nation’s most pressing national security missions.

Financial services require many transactions that are time-consuming and resource-intensive, including identifying fraudulent transactions, tracking delinquencies and defaults, and generating promising leads. SparkCognition’s AI solutions automate these burdensome workflows so your personnel can focus on higher-order tasks.

Unexpected downtime leads to business disruption, resulting in loss of productivity and unsafe working conditions for both onshore and offshore operations. SparkCognition’s AI solutions enable operators and subject matter experts to keep your assets up, running, and most importantly, producing.

Ship operators must be able to realize the full value of their data and be more proactive in their decision-making. SparkCognition’s AI solutions enable ship operators to harness the power of ‘smart data’ to assess machine conditions, protect against advanced cyber threats, and more.

Energy consumers expect consistent, reliable power to keep key infrastructure running. SparkCognition’s AI solutions enable power plant operators to identify actionable sources of underperformance, optimize maintenance scheduling, and ensure maximum uptime.

Our Clients and Partners